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The inspiration for this particular book came from the Fantasy Genre within popular culture. The images are inspired by the classic Fantasy Illustrations of such luminaries as Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo and Clyde Caldwell; Comic Books, such as Vampirella and Wonder Woman; Television shows like Xena Warrior Princess; And the proliferation of historic and fantasy reenactment groups. It helps that the author is an avid collector of prop weapons and armor. He's even acquired actual film used props from movies like First Knight, TV shows like Xena Warrior Princess and many reproductions from the likes of the Fellowship of the Ring series...many of these props are worn and wielded by the models in the book. In addition to the Warrior Princesses and Comic Book Heroines, you may find several characters that inhabit the worlds of fantasy. A Faerie, a vampire or two, sucubi, dancing girls, concubines and slave girls...many creatures to tickle your imagination.
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Books in Print
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Have you ever had the dream of being out in public while nude and no one around you appears to notice? How about being lost in the woods and chased by a demonic clown? EROTIC DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES explores these dreams and many more in 250+ black and white photographs featuring over fifty different models captured in dream like scenarios from the mind of Michael Alan Grapin. The book was edited by LC of Misfit Studios and includes a forward by famed illustrator and cover artist Ed Tadiello.